I had diabetes. So healing of wound was the biggest problem. After taking medicines for a long time it started showing its side effects. I was so depressed in life, my wife, who is a follower of bramhavidya always used to suggest me to join bramhavidya, but I was ignoring it. Once i had gone to Bangalore with my family, while returning I kept vomiting  throughout my journey. Later i visited doctor and had a blood checkup. I came to know that the creatine in my blood has increased. Doctor suggested for dialysis. My weight was declining  rapidly. The  only plus point was that my urine was passing normally. My wife got scared. She requested her bramhavidya guru Shri Sureshji Mudliyar to guide me and get me out of depression. He came home and explained me the importance of bramhavidya. It was so effective that i started doing bramhavidya regularly. Along with medicines from homeopathy, naturopethy treatment, wheat grass juice&acupressure technique, bramhavidya  helped me to recover soon. Now my sugar level is normal. Since then I have decided to follow Bramhavidya forever.

By Mr. Mangesh Gaonkar

My younger days were excellent in all stage i.e.., in education, playing etc..,

I’ve completed my S.S.C & then H.S.C from Mumbai University. I thought that my future periods are going to be very enjoyable. During the end of my H.S.C exam my body was deteriorating on the weight side. At the time of nature’s call stool was coming with blood and was having a severe pain in my downward section of colon. It was my starting period of downward side in physical level, but at the time I got admission in Electronics Engineering at Pune University for four years course, but I could make it only for two years. During that two years when I ate something I had to go to toilet immediately, so I was not able to go far away from my campus, my confidence level was also deteriorating. My body weight was also losing. In third and fourth semester during exam hour’s I used to go for nature’s call that was my situation. After few days my legs was not giving to run as I was used to run before. My walking style has been changed. My roommate used to say why you are walking in such a manner, I Never say anything about it to anybody. After completing my papers, practical’s I reached home and started crying. I was homesick. I told my story to my parents, they were very tense about it .Next day I went to MD Doctor for check up. The doctor prescribed some medicines and told to go for various medical tests such as Colonoscopy, Barium Enema, ECG, HLAB-27, Etc.., the report shows Ankylosing Spondylysis, multiple sclerosis Asthma Ulcerative colitis, Thyroid. Since I was on bed for eight years, taken various allopathic treatments, Ayurvedic Homeopathic, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, but no results was shown my body. The treatment cost was so high that my parents decided to sell our flat so that treatment should go in a better way. My father’s voluntary retirement money was invested on my treatment; my sister stopped her education and started earning to fulfill our basic requirement of our family. There was no way looking out for, my parents were praying effectively for me to stand on my own.

So one day in the evening came to me and said he met one of his friend and he told about Suresh Guruji go and meet him he do something that changes one’s life. I said then go to his house and bring him to meet me. After two days Guruji came to our house and said he can be cured permanently only if you should do what I say, I agreed. He told me to come to our nearest centre that was not possible for me to go outside. But my parent’s advice I decided to go outside in centre. With lots of struggle and trouble I was in the centre, it was a miracle for me.

The two hours was like two years for me, I went home and decided not to go again. In the 2nd class I was not present, after completing the lecture Guruji came to my house and asked "tum kyon nahi aaya, agar tum ko theek hona hai toh tumhe class attend karna hi hoga". This encouragement from Guruji made me to attend next lecture and thereon my progress started And after 5 weeks I was feeling better and continued as was taught in the class .after 19 weeks I started walking freely with no stick in hand, started to travel alone in bus, train, this was a miracle for me as well as everybody. I started to work in Wagle estate and this way day to day life was changing and learnt computer programs, this was a great turning point in my life, My health life was improving day by day , I never let down my breathing exercises, meditation, Pranayams, thanks to my parents , Guruji , my family , God and everyone who helped in my life. I was going for nature’s call for more than 25 times a day. today it is only 1-2 times in a day.

Now I have solved my colitis, asthma, thyroids, and stiffness in my body through this breathing exercises and meditation. My family which was on difficult position is transforming into good one. Thanks to Brahmavidya.

By Mr. Roopesh Shrivastav

In February 2008, I got detected with a heart disease and 60 – 90% of my heart was nonfunctional. There were 5-6 blockages. There was only one solution, Bypass. Angioplasty was done then. I was very much depressed, as I was only 50yrs old. One of our relatives told me to do Brahmavidya. Every day I used to have 5 tablets. Week by week my confidence increased and tablets were reduced and stopped. After that I have never been to doctor for any kind of illness. I have almost forgotten that I had a heart disease. My wife has also started practicing Brahmavidya.

By Mr. Pradeep Ambeker

I started Brahmavidya on August 28, 2012, and from that I can observe lots of changes in my life. Before joining Brahmavidya, I was very much negative and it had taken a toll on my health. I realized lots of changes in me after starting Brahmavidya. I followed Guruji exactly the way he told us and I started feeling very fresh and energetic. I started getting up early, drinking 1 ¼ lit water, Pranayams, Breathing exercises, Self Affirmations, and meditation. This turned out to be my routine. My self confidence was increased and I could easily convince the people. My attitude changed to go getter. I shifted to a new house and I started flourishing on my personal level. I could meditate more effectively and had tremendous experiences during it. I started conducting Brahmavidya classes and started my own academy of Abacus as a franchise. I got very good response. I always wanted to do something on my own and also like teaching. I always had a wish that people should recognize me as myself with my name, I could achieve it. Now with abacus and phonetics I have around 75 students with me. Brahmavidya gave me all that I wished. My husband and children are also very happy with this. Year 2013 proved to be very lucky for me. All my wishes were fulfilled. My thyroid is now under control and the tablet has reduced from 75mcg to 25mcg. I have a full confidence that one day my thyroid would be normal and I need no tablet.

By Yogita Chitte

Any person having physical or mental problems can gain from Brahmavidya. I had a lot of benefits by doing Brahmavidya. I was suffering from 'amavatha' ( a type of arthritis ). Because of this , I had swelling in my legs and arms. I couldn't perform my daily activities. I couldn't walk properly. My body was very stiff and because of this I couldn't do any work. Life came to a standstill. I was taking lot of medicines and my life was miserable. By doing Brahmavidya I overcame my mental and physical problems. I had got complete relief from my illness by following eight spiritual breathing exercise , affirmations, pranayam and meditation regularly. I had lot of improvement in my body movements. Because of doing Brahmavidya I got a new life and I am very happy today. I have got completely cured and I am grateful to Brahmavidya and my Guru for the same.

By Mrs. Vishakha Satalkar