As our life depends on our breath, it through our breath we take in prana (Oxygen) which purifies the blood which in turn nourishes each and every cell of the body. Insufficient intake of oxygen makes our cells, millions of them in our body, unhealthy, making them prone to all kinds of diseases. Our health hence, depends on taking in the right amount of oxygen by following the right method of breathing. Regular practice of Brahmavidya enhances oxygen intake in our bodies, making us healthier. Likewise, positive thoughts also make cells healthier, enhancing our health. Pure mind keeps a person happy, enthusiastic and healthy irrespective of the challenges faced.

Brahmavidya includes the practice of breathing exercises, affirmations i.e. positive thoughts and meditation.

Q 1.Is Brahmavidya a religious practice?

Brahmavidya is definitely not connected to any religion or sect. it concerns the universal truth. Any human being anywhere in the world following any particular religion or faith can benefit greatly by practicing it.

Q 2. How does Brahmavidya make a more evolved human being out of an ordinary person?

The enhanced intake of prana in the body combined with pure and peaceful mind creates a huge amount of positive energy in a person. This energy when channelised appropriately with guidance and teachings, over a time gives rise to new consciousness which transforms the person completely. In a way the person is reborn. All this happen with the blessing of the divine grace which is evoked through the process of meditation. The new energy thus generated helps the person overcome the barriers to self growth and facilites total transformation.

Q 3. What difficulties people experience while practicing Brahmavidya?

To begin with, people do not follow regular timings for the practice of Brahmavidya. As a result the quality of practice suffers simply because the intelligence of the body comes into play weakly.

The second reason being that people do not find adequate time i.e. one hour in the morning and half- an- hour prior to retiring for the night. Inadequate amount of time once again hurts the quality of Brahmavidya. Thirdly, people do not concentrate enough on the practice while performing it. Needless anxiety to have benefit of the practice quickly ruins the practice itself. It is only after 8-12 weeks of good practice after undertaking the basic course that the full benefits of Bramavidya are experienced.

Q 4. Can women and children also practice it? What about senior citizens?

Women of all ages can practice Brahmavidya with the exception of expectant mothers. Children above 16 years of age can learn and practice Brahmavidya. However, between the of 8 and 16, they need to undergo sanskar shiksha. Please note theat there is no age limit for anyone to learn and practice Brahmavidya. Persons in their advancing years specially those above 70 years of age have learnt Brahmavidya and are practicing it for their greater wellbeing.

Q 5. Today working people suffer from stress induced diseases: how does Brahmavidya help cope with stress?

As you are aware, stress arises out of the imbalance between the required capacity to work and the available capacity. Of course unreasonable ambitions also play their own role and so do the means adopted to achieve the ambitions. As the practice of Brahmavidya enhances the capacity of a person to do work, both physical and mental, it becomes easier for a person to perform the demanding tasks day in and day out without getting tired. Pure and peaceful state of mind attained through the practice of meditation creates an awareness of what is good and desirable viz-a-viz what is not good and hence avoidable. This awareness helps a person make better choices resulting in desirable outcomes and a fewer undesirable side effects. Energy is used more efficiently hence it is possible for a person to do much more work readily. Peaceful mind improves concentration and clarity.

Therefore, it can be seen easily that the practice of Brahmavidya helps eliminate stress and enhances capacity, confidence and the acceptance of the situations as they are. Brahmavidya helps cope with stress in a positive way.