About the course of Brahmavidya

The course has three levels Prathamik (basic), Pragat (advanced) and Pradeepak (master).

The prathamik course is conducted for a period of 14 weeks.

It is course where 8 breathing exercises along with their individual affirmations are taught and also are the meditation techniques.

Sanskar classes for children at the age group of 8 - 16 years.

Sanskar classes are for the period of 8 weeks ,one day per week.

The total time taken for performing for all the 8 exercise is about 45min.

Each week a new exercise is taught, which has to be performed daily in early morning, as it yields maximum benefits.

Meditation has to be done at night prior to going to bed.

The course gives guidance on desirable, daily intake of food and water.

At the end of the course all the students are required to share their experiences with each other.

Most importantly, the participants have to make practice of Brahmavidya an essential part of their daily life.

Brahmavidya exercise should not be performed during pregnancy.

As our life depends on our breath, it through our breath we take in prana (Oxygen) which purifies the blood which in turn nourishes each and every cell of the body. Insufficient intake of oxygen makes our cells, millions of them in our body, unhealthy, making them prone to all kinds of diseases. Our health hence, depends on taking in the right amount of oxygen by following the right method of breathing. Regular practice of Brahmavidya enhances oxygen intake in our bodies, making us healthier. Likewise, positive thoughts also make cells healthier, enhancing our health. Pure mind keeps a person happy, enthusiastic and healthy irrespective of the challenges faced.

Brahmavidya includes the practice of breathing exercises, affirmations i.e. positive thoughts and meditation.

Brahmavidya is powerful because it works at both the levels – Body and Mind.

Courses Details
Our Teachers

Mrs. Yogita Chitte

Mrs. Anjali Choudhari

Mrs. Jadhav

Mrs.Vishakha Satalkar

Mrs. Shyamala Mohan

Mr. Kamlakar Narayan Sutar

Mr. Madhukar Gopal Kunte

Mr. Mahadev Maruti Agavane

Mrs. Jyotsna Gaokar

Mrs. Mangala S Gade

Mrs. Sandhya Sunil Biradar

Mrs. Shaila Bhagwan Barate

Mrs. Sishila C. Pawar

Mrs. Smita Parte

Mrs. Vidya Madhukar Kunte

Mrs. Archana Avinash Jadhav

Mr. Prakash Abhiman Dhake

Mrs. Revati Shankar Ghavare

Mr. Shankar Ganpat Agawane

Mr. Shivaji Dhananjay Jadhav

Mrs. Hemlata Prakash Dhake

Mrs. Aayodhya Ajit Aagwane