What is Brahmavidya?

Brahmavidya is an ancient science which is based on the belief that all humans have an element of divinity and create capacities – physical and mental, to overcome failures, difficulties, and negative thoughts. It is also based on the belief that every individual has dormant power residing in him, if awakened can help him surmount any challenge, physical or mental. Brahmavidya guides the practitioner on Pranayams, spiritual exercises, and meditation.

As our life depends on our breath, it is through our breath we take in prana(Oxygen) which purifies the blood which in turn nourishes each and every cell of the body. Insufficient intake of oxygen makes our cells, millions of them in our body, unhealthy, making then prone to all kinds of diseases. Our health hence depends on taking in the right amount of oxygen by following the right method of breathing. Regular practice of Brahmavidya enhances oxygen intake in our bodies, making us healthier. Likewise, positive thoughts also make cells healthier, enhancing our health. Pure mind keeps a person happy, enthusiastic and healthy irrespective of the challenges faced.

Brahmavidya includes the practice of breathing exercises, affirmation i.e. positive thoughts and meditation.

Brahmavidya is powerful because it works at both the levels - Body and Mind.

History of Brahmavidya

About 1200 years ago Nalanda was a famous University in India and student from many other countries studied there. The university had a department for Philosophy and Yoga. Guru Shri Padmasambhava was the Head of the Department. He could foresee the destruction of the university that was to happen. On the request of the king of Tibet, the Guru along with the select disciples went to Tibet. For centuries the guru taught the student Brahmavidya.

In the last century, one of the young imminent students named Lama died in Tibet. He took rebirth in England by the name Edwin John Dingle. He came to Singapore as a journalist. He set out to Tibet on foot and after a few days he met his great guru. Here he leaned the breathing exercises of Brahmavidya and also meditation. In the year 1927, he established the institution for yog sadhana and taught 2,18,000 people. Thus this science reached other countries. Guru Shri Jyothirmayanada from Kerala learned Brahmavidya from Guru Dingle and taught this knowledge to people of Thane, Maharashtra, free of charge. Guru Shri Jayant Divekar learned the shastra form Guru Shri Jyothirmayananda, translated it in Marathi for maharashtrians and taught them. Balayogi Shri Mukund Sathye learned it from Guru Shri Jayant Divekar and established Vasundhara Pratishthaan, taught a large number of people. Guru Shri Sureshji Mudliar learned BV from Shri Mukund Sathye and founded Yog Sadhana Charitable trust with the aim of imparting this knowledge in all languages to as many people as possible.

Known as Ding Le Mei to over 220,000 students of the Science of Mental physics worldwide, was born in England in 1881. He later became a journalist establishing a publishing empire in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  Risking his life on both a mapping expedition and spiritual quest across China in the early 1900’s, he entered into Tibet.   There he discovered the mysteries of Asia and India, secret wisdom, passed along from master to pupil, from wise man to wise man, for countless ages, beginning, perhaps, six or seven thousand years ago.  In his quest for spiritual knowledge he became one of the first Westerners to enter a Tibetan Monastery.  It was there that he was recognized as a highly evolved soul, and therefore stayed to study for a long period of time.

For 20 years he traveled through China, India and Tibet. Upon his return to the West, he began sharing the teachings and practices he had learned in Tibet, first in New York (1927) and later in Los Angeles, California ( where he founded the Institute of Mentalphysics in 1928).  The Institute was then moved to Yucca Valley, California, the land acquired in 1941.

Ding Le Mei (Edwin J. Dingle) combined the spiritual wisdom of the East with religious knowledge of the West to form a Super Yoga. The teachings of Mentalphysics combine ancient universal truths, breathing exercises, diet control, recognizing and working with one's individual chemistry, exercises, and meditation. New students are introduced to the universal laws which, if followed, are believed to lead to mastery of oneself and all of Life.

The Science of Mentalphysics teaches that Prana or life energy, is a substance, a subtle form of energy that both animates life and carries intelligence. It is universally distributed and is what the Soul uses to communicate with. Using the mind-substance, as activated through the Breath of Life – 8 Key Breaths, one is able to activate the creative powers within. Students are also instructed in meditation, which leads toward tapping universal wisdom and development as a mystic. As a mystic one understands truth, life, and one's potential through experience.

In 1941 the Center was dedicated in Yucca Valley (now Joshua Tree).  The Center, which is on 420 acres of pristine desert land is used today not only by students of Mentalphysics, but by many retreat groups of 20-300 seeking a quiet, peaceful place for spiritual contemplation and training.

Swami K S Ramanathan(Guru Jyothirmayananda)

Swami K S Ramanathan was born in Thrissur, the cultural capital of Kerala. In 1985, he founded the Brahma Vidya Mission, in Mumbai. Brahma Vidya is the teaching which leads to the knowledge of the Brahmam or the universe. The core of its teaching is contained in Aitareya Upnishad. In the light of the knowledge that Brahmavidya bestows upon earnest seekers – all doubt and disillusionment is removed from the mind. What comes shining through, is eternal bliss and an everlasting peace. Many of the disciples who studied the teachings contained in Brahmavidya and gained insights into it by practicing the simple yoga exercises taught by him are, today in turn, spreading the light of Brahmavidya among their followers.

(Ref: The Eight Spiritual Breaths by Santosh Sachdeva.)

Guru Shri. Jayant Divekar

Shri Jayant Divekar learned Brahmavidya from Guru Jyotirmayananda of Kerala , who taught the knowledge to the people of Thane , free of charge. In 1997 Shri. Jayant Divekar established a service - oriented organisation , "Brahmavidya Sadhak sangh" to spread the knowledge of unique methods of Brahmavidya . The Sangh's objective is to spread the teaching of Brahmavidya all over Maharashtra .

Guru Shri. Mukund Sathye

Balyogi Shri . Mukund Sathye was working with PWD as a stenographer . In his earlier days he had speech disability and had squint eyes from birth . He has learned Brahmavidya at the age of 45,in the year 1989 from Shri. Jayant Divekar . Miraculously he has completely recovered from his speech disability .. His eyes got perfectly alright after practicing Brahmavidya continuously for a period of time. Within a span of 2 years time ,he started conducting classes for Brahmavidya independently . In fact his school teacher who has learned Brahmavidya from him was very much surprised by knowing the fact that he is now spreading the knowledge of Brahmavidya by conducting classes . He is the one who is delivering lectures which transforms other people’s life. By 1996 , he established an NGO called Vasundhara Pratishtan .He is still teaching Brahmavidya Basic and Advance course in Thane.