Guruji Shri. Suresh Mudaliar

Guruji has been working with Godrej from 1977 (25 years in Lawkim Division, Thane & thereafter in Vikhroli). In 1999, Guruji was suffering from a chronic heart disease and had 3 cardiac arrests in a single day. He was hospitalized awaiting stabilization of his health parameters to undergo a coronary bypass surgery, and was surviving with the help of life support system. As his health parameters began getting stable, during the recovery he heard about Brahmavidya through a friend Mr. Tendulkar. He started learning prathamik course of Brahmavidya and miraculously recovered fully and started leading a normal life. Then he learned Pragat (Advance) and Pradeepak(Higher Advance) course.

He started conducting sanskar classes for children from 2001. He has been serving people by conducting Brahmavidya classes within the company and outside. In 2006 Kausthubh Shukla, COO of I P Group (Godrej & Boyce), learned about Brahmavidya and was impressed by the benefits of its practice offered. He enrolled himself for the Basic course and on completing it, he was fully convinced about difference it can make to individuals through regular practice of Brahmavidya. As Mr. Shukla wanted to create a holistic platform for wellness for everyone at GPE, he took a decision to introduce Brahmavidya at GPE. Looking at the success of GPE, people from other divisions such as LOCKSS and corporate HR began participating in the course.

From 2010, he has been conducting Brahmavidya course for Shri Sadguru Wamanrao Pai, his family members and Jeevan Vidya trust members.

Guruji has already made Brahmavidya available in Marathi, English, Hindi, Telugu and Tamil languages. Godrej Company has published CDs of Brahmavidya practice and Dhyan in Guruji’s voice in Marathi, Hindi, English and Tamil languages.